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We live and breathe agile, with brisk standups and weekly sprints. We use Jira to track issues, estimate time, and organize sprints.

Agile allows us to change the direction of the project as we learn about our customers and produce products that are better than anticipated.


Automated Testing

Our usage of automated testing allows us to validate software faster than traditional approaches. We can confidently release code on demand.

Our rigorous approach to testing require all code to be tested before being passed through peer review. Tools like Selenium and Mocha are used to automate our tests, which makes the testing process more efficient and reduces the time needed for testing.


Continuous Integration

We use a continuous integration system to run our tests, perform our builds, and execute our deployments. We validate that all tests pass before finalizing any changes in source control.

We can test, build, and deploy a full release in a matter of a button press.


Version Control

We use Git to manage all of our source files. We have developed an efficient system for managing parallel work, conducting peer reviews, and merging code.

All developers follow the same process to ensure consistency.


User-Centered Design

We use our knowledge of digital systems along with user feedback to continually improve our products and process. All changes that we make to our code add value for our customers.

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